A downloadable game for Windows

GrowVR is a virtual reality weed-shop simulator.


  • Completely cusomize your own shop
    • Freely place furniture
    • Adjust the color profile of the wallpaper
    • Choose between different types of floor and adjust their color
  • Plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful plants
  • Sell your weed to customers
  • Level up and unlock new flavors
  • Smoke weed


  • Windows - Oculus Rift (requires touch controllers)
  • Windows - HTC Vive

Recommended play modes

  • Standing
  • Sitting

Recommended Specs

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or greater
  • CPU: Intel® i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • RAM: 8GB+

Still under development - New content will be added over time (and there are probably bugs)

Feel free to join the discord server if you have any suggestions,bug reports and stuff like that! 

---> https://discord.gg/A56haz3

If you want to see some gameplay, check out this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCebBkEt0Pl3MBHjZ7gU7pJw


Version 1.16

  • Changed the look of wood
  • Improved the lighting
  • Changes to the day/night cycle
    • Days now take ~10 minutes
    • Nights now take ~5 minutes
  • The background of the tablet now matches the color of the wallpaper
  • Visual changes to ghost-objects
  • You can now build stuff on the backyard-walls

Version 1.15

  • Fixed the unboxing table sometimes throwing objects across the room
  • Added denser and more detailed grass
  • Added a proper dirt texture
  • Added a rubber ball
  • Added a flashlight

Version 1.14

  • You can now smoke bongs!
  • Fixed customers sometimes changing their order
  • Fixed customers rarely not accepting their order
  • Fixed customers sometimes getting stuck on the side of the front door
  • Changed the music on the radio

Version 1.13

  • Fixed joints being rotated the wrong way when held making it hard to smoke them
  • Decreased the amount of tilt needed for the watering can to start pouring
  • The "being high" effect now fades in/out smoothly
  • Plants will now take longer to dry
  • Improved the way that customers form a queue
  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn't get spawned when unboxing multiple packages at the same time
  • Packages now get delivered to the backyard instead of the front door
  • Added a proper cardboard texture for packages

Version 1.12c

  • You can now have a pointer on either hand (switch them by pressing the trigger)
  • Added a control scheme in the settings menu
  • The builder-menu now uses ingame-buttons for browsing instead of seperate buttons on the controller
  • The Vive is now finally supported!

Version 1.12

  • Fully reworked the movement system
    • removed teleport-movement
    • walk-movement is a bit more basic but shouldn't cause bugs anymore
    • the player height is no longer adjustable as the tracking origin is now the floor instead of the player's eyes - this should eliminate all height-related problems

Version 1.11

  • Switched from FXAA to TAA
  • Changed the look of the glass
  • The sunshade in front of the store now changes it's color to match the wallpaper
  • Added Weather!


GVR_V1.16.rar 332 MB


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i cant walk around.

i have tried using the joystick and swinging my arms but i cant move around without walking in real life

I have a super strange issue where a grain effect follows my Touch controllers in the main menu. And then when I start the game, the entire thing looks 8bit because of how the grain has taken over the entire FOV. Really weird.

(1 edit)

Wow that's wierd...I'm sorry but i can't really help you with that.The only thing i can suggest is updating your drivers and hoping for the best.

It is the shader being used and the way your computer is reading it. it happens on my game as well. 

the vertical alignment seems to be off. i seem to float a few feet off the ground.  i also cant seem to figure out how to open doors and cant grab the hammer thing because i cant reach down that far without hitting my real floor.  clearly has potential though. 

if you want any help with it, i would love to, just saying :P

The vertical alignment thing is because the player height is locked at 1.80m.I've added an option to adjust it in the settings menu.It will be in the next update and then you should be able to play it properly! As for opening doors, you just have to grab them and they will open/close completely.Feel free to suggest features, ask me stuff and report bugs at any time!

Thanks for telling me! I totally forgot about the player height thing :)

was actually talking to my friend the other day about making a weed shop game with a catnip stand because high cats are great lol

still having height issues and cant grab anything. maybe some difference between vive and oculus? idk

I didn't know you are using a vive.I don't own a vive so i can't do any testing with it and i made the game for the rift.Try using a rift emulator like "Revive".

(1 edit)

i tried revive last night and didn't notice any difference.

I'll try a different game in case its just my calibration.

As for grabbing, is there a specific single check or just like a vr library "grip" call?

I'm using a grip event.

really wanted to play this game but the controls are completely unusable.  in what game do you rotate with the left and walk with the right... need to switch this or at least make it customizable, but need to move with left and turn head with right like every other controller out there or people wont play it.

(1 edit)

so was forced to switch over to teleport mode, which in my opinion is inferior, but still managed to play the game for a few hours.   Really like the game has alot to offer and alot more potential.  a few tweaks i would consider : Increase grow length and in return the amount of time in between waterings, seems you almost have to hover them as soon as you plant otherwise it sucks all the water very quickly, also possibly some kind of freshness meter, that if left too long without water they die.  : A brief tutorial, like when you order things they go in boxes outside, took 10 mins to figure out they are delivered then need to be extracted on the unboxing table.  : Storage bins whether it be for pre cut bud, seeds or just general storage, having bud and seeds loose all over then unboxing table seems redundant, and without a way to remove bud from a jar, you cannot pre fill a bunch of jars to even have on display since every customer is going to come in and order a different amount. (and for more added realism, make it so you must purchase a scale and weigh out the bud before you can jar it up) : an obvious one but one i assume you are working on : more display and fun items to customize the store : Possible coop with one or two others so you can have one person running the front and one person concentrate on growing.  : Different strains need different lights that perhaps you have to adjust up and down through the different stages of grow (which again should be longer).

Just a few suggestions id love to see in this game, Cheers and Good job so far!! 

(sorry if my last post seemed a bit sarcastic, but the movement issue really bothered me.. most people who play these Vr games are running around using the analog sticks for FPS and other games and i dont think nausea will be a concern for most, but you already have the teleport as an option too.)


this game is super dank! only have a couple teeny problems, the movement system is like a resin hit from a bowl you scraped six months ago.
tool system on your hands should be able to lock in,
maybe have jars labeled with what and how much is in there,
and moving placed furnishings like the counter.
other than those few tiny things, the game is VERY well optimized and runs smoother than a hit off off an icebong!
i'd love to see this GROW up on steam,
i know tons of people who would love to get their skunky little hands on this game!


Hey,thanks for your input!

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the movement system?

i would suggest switching that weird teleport then turn the arrow system, to a smooth rotation. i was enjoying the game but the movement threw me hard. i  have a like 5x7 area i play in and i kept smashing my hands into my wall because it was easier to actually turn irl.
i would say add a locomotion system on the left controller, then a rotate on the right. 
the game is fantastic, and im honestly blown away by how well its optimized and how it works. these are just my two cents! i dont expect you to take these to heart, your the dev not me! but im more than happy to help, considering this is EXACTLY the game i was looking for.
i would say, just giving different movement options in the menu would be a great start, and a control mapping peice, where you can see what does what, i had realized after 30 minutes that you could have a little toolbar. i think with these improvements, you'd be greenlit in no time at all!!!
thanks for listening! 


i've been playing around with sliding locomotion but it seems to cause dizzyness so i think a teleport system is still a bit better. As for rotation, i've made it so that the left stick can be used for rotating in 15° steps and 180° turns. In the next update there will be gameplay options that allow you to change the size of the rotation steps as well as showing how the controls work. I might also change it to rotate smoothly instead of using steps. I'll just have to do some testing and playing around.